Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Moehrensee and Soerst

Unfortunatly Guido had to work, but we spent the day with Heike.

We drove to Moehrensee to see the lake and the Dam wall.

For those interested in WW2 history, this was the dam made famous by 'dambusters' and here

The devastation in the area was massive - tragically over 1200 people were killed by the flooding waters, as they raced down the narrow Ruhr Valley. Heike's mum was a child at the time, and still have memories of it. Interestingly, with such devastation, the wall was repaired in the same year and the dam was full not long thereafter. It is now a recreation and nature reserve, and it really is a beautiful place.

We had a great walk along the wall, and then down the other side to see some of the valley.

Then it was on to the boat for a cruise on the other side of dam wall. The lake is huge and such pretty views all around.

The kids enjoyed taking turns to steer the boat. Thankfully these were not attached to the main rudder, because I am not sure where we would have ended up.

We had lunch at the Torhaus, a lovely restaurant/cafe, with an amazing garden. The garden had lots of paths and intersting sculptures to look at along the way.

After lunch we went to a small village called Soerst. You need to park outside the historic walls of the city and walk through. There were some gorgeous buildings in the town, and a lovely small lake and river. Also a great ice cream cafe too!

Pennie showed me how to use Mosaic Maker...it takes a bit of time to upload all the photos, but I love that I can add lots of photos in each post! I hope you like them too!

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