Sunday, 25 May 2008

A typical day

So... how did we fill our day? It was amazing how quickly the 'resort routine' set in...

Up late, for a long lazy breakfast. Cameron concentrated on the coco-pops and the cold chocolate milk. Alexander works on the principle of " how many types of egg?". The food quality was great, and the big buffets allowed the boys plenty of choice to 'graze'.

We would get the boys lathered in sunscreen and they would go off to 'Mini-club'. Here they would do craft and sport activities, and play with the other kids. The boys did this almost exclusively in German, which is great practice for them.

Because it was 'shoulder season' and there were no school holidays, there were only a few other kids. By the end of the week they were all great friends. They has the same leader all week - Betty - who did a great job and ensured the kids had a great time.

Whilst the kids were in Mini-club, we would walk on the beach (or if Nicole set the direction, past the shops...)for 2 hours. This was really enjoyable, and at least a bit of exercise to balance the sins of the buffet... We walked kilometers in each direction from the hotel - at one end we discovered the Kiteboarding centre (looks great fun - this goes on my list of things to learn!), and we walked to the end of the beach the other way, and along the cliffs.

We would be back in time to pick the kids up from Mini-club. They would then want to have a game of checkers (using the big outdoor chess set - very interesting but confusing for spectators when rooks jumped bishops...) then we would go off to lunch.

Following lunch it would be beach or pool - depending on what the kids wanted. If the kids club were on the beach in the afternoon, we would often wind up there so they could run around with their mates, bury each other, build sandcastles, and splash in the small waves. We would stay there until about 6, when we would go up to our rooms, rinse off all the sand, and head to dinner.

After dinner, we would take the kids to the lounge, where they would join in the 'mini disco' and play games with their mates. Because it was not so busy, the kids could run around quite happily (usually playing some form of chase) and not disturb too many people (normally only the parents...)

We would then stay to watch a bit of the 'entertainment' - one night was an interesting show using parrots that the kids loved, and the rest of the time it was the hotel's sports and entertainment crew putting on a show (skits, dance or something). It must be a looooooong summer for them if they have to do this stuff 3 times a week until October! (At least the guests only get one or two weeks of it!)

Late to bed, with a sleep in the next morning and a lazy start to breakfast...and do it all again.

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