Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Year 4 field trip

Last week we were supposed to go on a fielt trip through the Grunewald forest to look at "Habitat", it was bucketing down with rain, but the teachers thought we would go anyway. So, armed with jackets and umbrellas off we set! We got to the first corner, and decided to turn around. It was so wet, not even the bugs were out and about! So, hopefully we will get a chance to do this again another morning before the school year ends!

This term Alexander's class have been learning about Berlin. We went on a trip to the East Side Gallery, and looked at the longest remaining part of the Berlin Wall that is still standing. See previous posts in May about it.

The kids drew, wrote down "peace phrases", and enjoyed walking along the wall. Half way down we were asked by a car company if it was OK to use some of the kids to walk between the wall and the car as part of a photo ad in a French auto magazine.

After much discussion it was decided that only the kids whose parents were on the trip should be able to do it, incase there was a problem with the parents not wanting their child to be photographed without their permission.

So Alexander and 3 of his friends got to walk up and down this panel of the wall while a photographer took photos.

Then the men allowed all the kids to take a turn to sit in the back of the car! This car retails for 900,000 euro! The kids were amazed (as were the adults). Alexander says "only posh people would drive this Mum!" (I would be too scared to even remove it from the garage for that price!!

After the wall we went to Treptow Park. There is this enormous Russian memorial garden, and it is overwhelming in size.

Behind the kids here, are 5 large squares of grass edged by small hedges. 5,000 Russian soldiers are buried under each grassy area. 25,000 soldiers in this space. A bit overwhelming to even think about.

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