Saturday, 21 June 2008

First Public Performance

The school had a 'concert evening', encouraging kids to play music in public, and display what they had learned throughout the year. Most of the kids were in school based music programs (mainly the piano), and this was the final part of thier lessons for the year.

Alexander and Cameron have been learning the guitar at home for a few months now, and are really enjoying it. When they heard that there was a school concert that they could play in, they wanted to join in! They discussed it with David, their guitar teacher, and they chose 'Monks Blues' - a piece where one of the boys strummed the chords, and the other played the melody, then they would swap over and repeat it.

The biggest issue in practice was getting them to keep the same rhythm, but they started to get it and it sounded great.

On the night of the concert, amongst the other 20 or so kids, the boys were the only guitar players, and did a brilliant job! It sounded really 'bluesy' and cool. The boys got a big round of applause, and lots of comments over the next few days. The whole evening was great, with lots of other 'first timers' and a few very talented, well practiced musicians.

Afterwards, the boys were plotting for next year. I think I heard Cameron asking Alexander where they could get a couple of electric guitars for a rock show.... look out!

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Mel in Dubai said...

Well done to the boys!! My DS performed at a school concert last week too (must blog about that!) - he's been learning classical guitar for about a year now. His birthday is coming up and he requested an electric guitar. I love it that my kids are musical so I happily purchased said electric guitar and arranged for lessons. I think DH has gone out and invested in some heavy duty ear plugs though - lol!