Saturday, 28 April 2007

The Water Princess Anniversary Party

I know this sounds like an odd heading for a family with 2 boys.

However, Alexander and his 2 friends, Emily and Isaiah have been writing, and illustrating their own book for the past year. They help write the story, draw a picture and colour it in. It is quite a complex book, and they love writing about it.
Alexander came home from school on Thursday to tell me he had invited his friends to our place on Saturday to have the 1st year anniversary party for the Water Princess book. OK, the date was fine, but it would have been nice to know before hand. So after a quick discussion with the other mums, we organised a play date, that would be the "Party".
This morning I made a chocolate cake. When the other 2 musketeers arrived, they were in charge of icing and decorating. The cake was delicious, and we had choclate milkshakes as well.
The 3 musketeers are currently making a Lego Castle for the Water Princess, discussing the next book....stay tuned....

Cameron and Phil wisely organised to go for a bike ride to Bradley's house for the afternoon. They kids have had great time playing, and I love having the 3 musketeers together, as they all play so well together, and are no trouble at all!

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