Thursday, 12 April 2007

The Berlin Zoo starring Knut!

Off to the zoo (with 40,000 other people) to see Knut. Berlin Zoo are raking the cash in after the arrival of Knut the Polar Bear. Knut makes 2 appearances during the day, each an hour long. Security has been brought in to keep the anxious crowds from causing a mob frenzy, and the lines are long! We waited 45 minutes, just to get tickets into the zoo (never ever had to wait more than 5 minutes), and the queue to line up to see Knut were quite long as well.

We were told by another mum to get to the kids playground. The kids got up on the play equipment (with heaps of other kids, and they had a great view of Knut, without us having to line up to see him. He is very cute!!

Here are Holly(standing), BJ, Cameron, Meghan, Alexander and Kirsten with the statues of the Polar Bears.

Knut....look closely. He is standing to the right of the guy in the white t-shirt on the log.(click on the photo to make it bigger)
The crowds of people...check out the guy on the other guy's shoulders with the camera!
Knut's mother, who abandoned Knut, can't understand all the fuss.
The Elephant can't seem to understand all the fuss either!

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