Saturday, 7 April 2007

Discovery in Dundee

Today we all went our separate ways - The Ramsays went off to visit the Grannies in Dundee, and the McLeishs went to Stirling to catch up with relatives. As we have no relatives in Scotland, we were on our own for a day of touring!

First stop was an ASDA superstore. Like a giant Target, or WalMart, this store had school trousers for the kids and a few other bits and pieces that Nicole wanted. We then loaded up the car (now bulging at the seams) and headed to Discovery Point, Dundee, where the Antarctic research ship, the Discovery, is moored. It was sailed by Scott and his crew on a scientific expedition and was stuck in the ice for 2 years. It was a really interesting exhibition, with lots of movies and hands-on things for the kids.

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Su Bee said...

Your blog has held me spellbound for quite awhile - what a great accountiing of your travels! Your pictures are terrific - keep it up!