Thursday, 5 April 2007

Isle of Skye and Sheep

The first place we went to this morning was a Serpentarium on the Isle of Skye.

This is a small (one room) reptile sanctuary where reptiles that have been smuggled into the UK get sent. Often the animals are in such poor condition that they lose many of them, but they have a few nice specimens still on display. There were constrictors (no bitey snakes!), iguanas, frogs and the like. The kids loved it, and got to hold a python called Goldie, which they enjoyed.

We then set off to find a shop that one of our group really wanted to see... to get to it we had to go 'cross-country'....

Ever wondered about Rural Scotland?? Well, we found it! As we drove on the Isle of Skye, we had to go down many one lane roads (you had to pull off to allow other cars through) where the sheep came and went as they liked. Here are some photos of the sheep on the roads.
These are also known as Scottish Navy troop carriers, because they are full of Scottish semen!
Here is some of the countryside - once again, more fabulous scenery. You could stop the car every 500 metres for fantastic photos.

In the end, we drove down miles of road like this to find a Celtic Jewellery and Swords workshop. The stuff was lovely, but being handmade it was very expensive. In the end, no-one bought anything so we simply had a morning sheep watching and touring the back-country of the Isle of Skye.

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