Friday, 6 April 2007

Loch Ness Exhibition

The boys spot the Loch Ness monster....

Boys! Look behind you!

For more information on the Exhibition see the weblink below
One of the highlights for the boys came after Inverness when we stopped at the Loch Ness exhibition at Drumnadrochit(try and say that 5 times quickly). It explains about the Loch in great detail, and explores the myth. The boys had their hearts set on seeing Nessie, who they decided was a Pleosaur trapped in the lake. After the exhibition, they are not so sure...
We decided that the old lady that runs the hotel wins the award for the best marketing ever... Funny how her 'sighting' of the monster and its related media reports was the big story which got the legend going and increased traffic to her hotel, and then to her visitors centre which is a valuable legacy for her family....
The exhibition was excellent and the boys (and us) loved it!
Loch Ness is a fascinating environment with more fresh water than is held in England and Wales combined. They say it is over 220 meters deep off Urquhart castle, and it sure is massive and very impressive to see.

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