Tuesday, 24 April 2007

A few quick trips

It has been a busy time for work related travels. Last week I was off to Tehran for 3 days. I had some serious doubts about going whilst the UK marines were held hostage (I didn't want to be in Tehran if Tony Blair decided to send a couple of out of date tridents over the horizon...), but with this settled, I had no problems about going.

Don't believe everything you read in the press. I feel safer in Tehran that I do in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, parts of London.... The traffic is more dangerous than anything. The book of road rules is obviously a 'how NOT to' guide!

It is a city that sits at between 1400 and 1800 meters, on the side of a mountain. There was snow on the mountain and it was 27 degrees in town! They even have ski resorts, but I would not personally recommend them based upon the quality of the other amenities! The people were great, and there is massive opportunity for business if you can work with the interesting dynamics of the regime. It was a hectic trip but really worthwhile.

This week I had a flying visit to Moscow. Two days and it snowed on Monday and was about 11 degrees on Tuesday. Business in Russia is again interesting and challenging, and it fun working with the local people to get their businesses to work better.

Whilst I was in Moscow, Boris Yeltsin died (it wasn't me!). There is a very wide opinion amongst the Russians about whether he was a hero or a villain, and the reporting was very interesting. I can imagine the the Vodka industry is now forecasting a sharp downturn in sales....

I am now back until Sunday, when I am off again....

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