Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Writing Notes

The boys are often awake by 6am....yippee!
So, before I go to bed in the evening, I put the cereal boxes on the bench. At 6am the boys go into the kitchen and make their own breakfasts.
Usually there are a few cornflakes or weet bix on the floor that need to be swept up, and I can deal with that, rather than me having to make breakfast at 6am.

Sometimes, some milk or yogurt get split on the floor. Instead of them wiping it up with some paper towel, this is what I am usually greeted with before I enter the kitchen. A small carefully cut out sign with "Caution, milk on the floor".

Sometimes I get these sort of notes at the doorway to the bathroom, letting me know they missed the toilet....charming children! :)


catsmum said...

Boy when you post you REALLY post don't you ? :]
That sign is SOOO cute ... I hope you've kept some of them for 'posterity'
have a very happy one Nic!

Georgie said...

I love the little signs! How cute is that?!