Thursday, 7 December 2006

The Bossy Christmas Fairy

Cameron's Year 1 and 2 production for this year was the Bossy Christmas Fairy.
Some nice songs, some interesting singing and acting.....forgetting lines etc....a perfect Year 1 and 2 production.

The Bossy Christmas Fairy chose which decorations were allowed to go onto the tree, and which ones were sent to the box! Poor Max R the Christmas Bauble, Tabea and Jemimah the snowflakes, were sent to the box becuase of scratches and bent snowflakes! In the end, the other Xmas fairy said that it didn't matter and everyone ended up getting out of the box and onto the tree.

Cameron and Bradley were Shepherds (part of the chorus...they were both bored out of their minds!). Alexander is the theatrical one in this family. Cameron would prefer to do maths!
Cameron and Bradley are up the back, under the painted Xmas stocking.

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