Saturday, 23 December 2006

Ice Skating

One thing that I really love about winter is being able to go ice skating! We have a local (well, one bus, one train and a short walk!)ice stadium that has an outer 400m ring and a central rink, which may both be open at once, or sometimes one is closed for lessons, racing or whatever.

It is great to get there when the place opens, because the ice is perfectly smooth. To skate on really nice ice for an hour or so, have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and then skate for about another hour is a great way to start the day. At the moment it is still quite warm (3-5 degrees C) but in the true depths of winter, it is really nice to have a bit of snow falling whilst we skate around.

We have all improved a lot since last year (although there are no Torville and Deans here!). The boys are confident and have a great time skating and mucking around, Nicole and I will often skate and chat with our friends.

Whilst I have been on holiday I have been 3 times so far. On Tuesday, whilst the boys were still in school, I went by myself and got a bit of practice in. On Thursday and Saturday, I took the boys and met up with Alan and BJ, Gordon and Meghan (Thursday), Alan, Sonia BJ, and Michelle, Gordon and Meghan (Saturday).

I am trying to improve my skating and I often see young kids and old guys skating around effortlessly doing stuff I can't - I think a lot more pratice and maybe some lessons and I can get there. At the moment I am working on skating backwards, and crossing over my skates so I can do tight, fast corners (forwards!). Makes for a bit of fun whilst I try new things and a few spills as well!

The boys are really getting the hang of it - thinking that this time last year they were clinging to the walls... now they really belt around!

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