Friday, 22 December 2006

Bike Riding to the Sandy Hills

Whilst ice skating, Alan and I decided that we would take the kids to the 'sandy hill' (Kiesgrube) in the middle of the Grunewald forest. It is only about 30 minutes bike ride from both of our houses, so it makes a great 'meeting point'. It is a great big hill of sand that the boys love playing on / digging in / rolling down / running around madly on...

It is a really nice ride from our place - all the tracks in the forest are easy riding and it is nice to be off the bike paths and roads for a while. Although it is cold (5 degrees C) it is not too cold on the face and hands. The Grunewald is really peaceful this time of year - although in spring and summer is is very busy on all of the tracks with joggers, walkers and cyclists.

So with a thermos of coffee, Alan and I sat at the top of the hill and watched the world go by, whilst Cameron, Alexander and Bradley did all of the above (and more!) for a couple of hours. Whereas in Summer there are 20-50 kids here at any time, the boys had the place to themselves. When they had had enough, Alan, myself and three very sandy and tired boys cycled together to Harry's - a really nice little cafe that has a NO SMOKING policy (yippee! the modern world comes to Berlin!). Sonia and Nicole had been shopping (getting ready for Christmas day) so we met them there for lunch.

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