Monday, 25 December 2006

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning...From the visit to Santa in November, all the Christmas markets and parties, we were now at the big day! The boys were out of bed early (6:00 am), and although we wanted to resist, Christmas morning is too exciting and by 6:30 we were all around the tree. Before this, the boys had been peeping into the loungeroom and racing upstairs to report that Santa had been, his supper had been eaten and there were heaps of presents under the tree!

There was lots of excitement as each present was unwrapped, and the boys were really pleased with everything that they were given from Santa, and all the presents from family and friends. I am really pleased with how grateful they were for everything, how genuinely excited they were and how much fun we all had!

Some of the Santa presents:
Santa gave Alexander this Lego train set that he has been eyeing off for quite sometime.

Cameron got a car racing set, he was thrilled with it. It took me over an hour and a half to set it up (there were 24 different types of track pieces that had to be constructed exactly or it wouldn't work!) :). Here I am at about 6:50 starting the job of putting it together so Cameron could get playing with it.

We rang our families back home in Australia. This is one of the times when you really do miss the extended family. To speak to them for a little while on Christmas day is nice, but not the same as sharing it with them properly. We were going to a friend's place for Christmas lunch - 3 families from odd corners of the world enjoying Christmas together. I suppose this is the closest to a big family Christmas you can have when your real family is half a world away.

I finally coaxed the boys away from the new toys to get ready to go to our friends whilst Nicole set about making the chocolate cake and pudding for dessert at lunch.

We love Christmas morning!

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