Monday, 25 December 2006

Christmas lunch

Christmas lunch was at Sonia and Alan's house, (our Scottish friends), with their children, Stuart, James and Bradley. Also our South African friends Michelle and Gordon, and their daughter Meghan. 12 altogether.

The tables looked great, and we all had a great time.
Here is Alexander waiting patiently for his meal!

Here is a picture of the adults table

Alexander, Meghan, Cameron and Bradley, and Snowy the cat (If you didn't guess - not a real one. It has sensors and responds to movement in the room, purrs when stroked and hisses and spits when you pull its tail!)

Nicole, Michelle and Sonia (and James in the window haha!)
We had divided the menu so everyone got their 'speciality' - Michelle and Gordon brought the starters - some yummy chicken wings and cherries wrapped in bacon! As hosts, Alan and Sonia did the main course - "Terry" the Turkey and a mountain of veg. Nicole says to note the big bowl of Brussel Sprouts on the table in front of her - she says she didn't eat any of them! There was a mountain of food - all delicious! We were well and truly stuffed before Nicole wheeled out desserts - Super rich Chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, Pavlova and ice cream!

It was a terrific meal!

Nicole and Phil with our Christmas-cracker hats on at the table.

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Georgie said...

What a great time you had! Good on you!

Love Georgie