Saturday, 1 November 2008

Romo Beach

After we left Ribe, our next stop was the Island of Romo. This is a really popular destination for Germans in summer (we could imagine how many Germans would be spreading their towels over the sand at 6am...), but this was right at the end-of-season, and even the youth hostel was closed for the winter.

We parked the car next to beach (I'm not as brave as those who drove onto the sand, deciding that getting bogged on the beach would not be the greatest addition to our holiday fun!). The beach was enormous! We walked for ages to reach the waters edge (the North Sea), and Phil, Alexander and Cameron ran around all over the beach on their way there.

We walked along the shore for a while, and there were lots of shells (the kids love fossicking) and other stuff on the beach to explore. The weather was great - it was cool, but blue skies and calm. A very pleasant experience for so close to winter.

On the way back to the car, Phil, Alexander and Cameron went 'hooning' in the sand-dunes - Running, jumping, rolling and having a great time. After getting back to the car (choosing which shells to take, and getting rid of lots of excess sand), the sun was starting to set and it was time to find the youth hostel (this was an entertaining game we were playing each night). a couple of hours on a beautiful stretch of beach was a real highlight for all of us.

The locals drive their cars out and fly kites. The wind was so strong that the guy with the red kits was being dragged along the beach at some moments!

Here was a sight I had never seen before. You drive your 4WD on to the beach, let your dog out, and drive down the long stretches of beach, and the dog runs in front and behind...that's one way of getting your dog out for a run!

The youth hostel we booked was listed as 'Hojer'. However, it was 8 kilometres south of Hojer, and was in a small town right on the German border. We were the only guests for the evening - from chatting to the owner, it appears that they should have been shut, but they didn't block the dates on the internet site and our booking was accepted and locked in.

As we were right on the border, we decided to walk to Germany for dinner. The kids loved this idea - it was less than a kilometer to a nice pub just on the German side (queue the music from 'Deliverence'...). After a nice walk home (across the border again), we settled in to a very quiet youth hostel for the night.

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Linda said...

Great to read about your holiday adventures in Denmark! (and the remark about Germans putting their towels on the beach at 6 am sounds very familiar to a Dutchie...!) It's a lovely little country.
Have you visited Holland yet? Groningen (in the north) is a very nice town and the wadden islands are worth a visit (like Romo, but most do not allow any cars to go on the island - except for the locals's cars - which means they are quiet - heavenly!)
Cheers from Brisbane,
Linda (who is a bit homesick at the moment...)
PS Nicole, I tried to find you on Facebook but couldn't - can you find me? lindarobertus in brisbane.