Saturday, 8 November 2008

Meet Sucky - our new fish!

On Saturday we went to the aquarium shop where we bought our fish tank (a few years ago now). We needed new lights, and after proving the Darwinian theory (survival of the fittest) it was time to give lonely 'oldie' some new friends (or dinner, if they are too slow - I think Oldie is really Hannibal Lecter Goldfish!). He won the last series of "Survivor, Owens Fish Tank".

When we reached the shop, the owner (who recognised us from 2 years ago!), said he didn't have the globes, and his yearly order would come sometime after Christmas. He kindly recommended that we try a big pet store a few Kilometres south of his store - it was massive (about the size of a Bunnings warehouse!)

They have everything (Crocodiles, turtles, sugar gliders...(yes, sugar glider possums....2 of them, you have no idea how gobsmacked we were!!!), spiders, snakes..and the usual other pets. Just no puppies or kittens like the pet stores back home. The boys loved looking around, and we ended up buying the lamps, a new 'pirate ship' for the fish and a few new inhabitants for the tank. On this performance, the small shop owner has just done himself out of a customer.....

Phil set the tank up and introduced the new fish. They all looked happy and settled.

The next morning, Nicole and the boys noticed we were 1 bubble eyed fish short. Where was he hiding? Nicole thought she noticed him hiding under the filter. When Phil took the filter out, we found he had been sucked up into the filter inflow, and was jammed there.

Phil dislodged him. He was a bit mangled, very stressed but still alive. Phil shifted him to rehab (one of Nicole's tupperware containers) where he slowly came good! We reintroduced him to the tank, and he seem back to normal (well, almost..). He still looks a little ragged, but we are expecting a full recovery! He has been named, 'Sucky'.

Today another of the new fish got trapped in the roots of one of the plants. We are now certain (n=2) that the bubble eyed fish are lower on the IQ scale than the other gold fish. This one has been called 'Mucky' because he was trapped in the dirty roots.

The last black fish therefore got a name that consisted of a consonant + 'ucky'. You will be pleased to know that the choice was 'Ducky'......

Sucky, Mucky and Ducky with 'oldie (Right) and a new menu item (?)....

The new ship (with the infamous filter behind it - Sucky steers well clear now - who says goldfish don't learn??

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