Saturday, 15 November 2008

Deutsche Oper

We are very lucky to have a well known Opera Singer as a parent at our school. She is the lead in an Opera called "Tannhäuser", by Richard Wagner. She organised for the school to get some free tickets to see part of a rehearsal and a tour of the Deutsche Oper
Behind the main stage we saw where they keep the props, and lots of other interesting stuff
Here is the gridded picture of a large backdrop that is being painted at the moment.
and the current progress.
In the room they construct props carved from polysteyrene blocks....this rabbit is underway!
We loved this crocodile.
and how could we resist having a photo taken with this mum and her joey! I wonder how we can get this home after they finish using it??

The stage layout for one of the scenes for "Tannhäuser". This was the scene we watched being worked on.

It was interesting to see the director and other people working with the cast members on little things, like how slow they need to walk, or a change of placement of people. The Opera Choir were amazing when they all sang together, so inspiring! We only stayed for about 45 minutes watching the rehearsal, as the tour guide said "We don't want to turn children off Opera by boring them!"

In December they are doing a children's Opera of Hansel and Gretel, so we will try and get tickets for that. The tour guide said the government subsidise the tickets as they want all people to be able to experience the Opera not just the rich people!

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