Monday, 10 November 2008

Ka De We windows...again!

Some days I am glad that my camera is so small that I am able to carry it in my handbag all the time...because some things just need to be seen to believe!
Royal de Luxe did an 8 day performance at the KaDeWe windows. I was lucky to see the final day.

In the Revolt of the Mannequins, 13 shopfronts in the city center are transformed into theatre stages, where the mannequins perform a 10-day play. Every night, the Royal de Luxe team changes the positions of the mannequins, making the story jump to the next episode. 10 days, and 10 episodes per shopfront, lead up to the final Revolt.

The mannequins have left the building.

and escaped the windows

You can see a You Tube video in Antwerp of the same performance..warning, it is over 9 minutes long.

Royal de Luxe blog, this one is in French, but you can flick through the photos to get a good look at the process. The blog is in French, but here is how you can see the photos. Click on one of the boxes, then click on the word "L'intégrale!". This will bring you up the 8 days of photos of that specific window. It takes awhile to load, but worth watching. Scroll down to the bottom, and work your way up to day 8.

For the English version to explain the Revolt of the Mannequins click on this link.

I can tell you that the little old ladies who were strolling in for lunch, were unimpressed with the window displays!

Then on the other side of KaDeWe were some more children friendly windows...must be close to Christmas!

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