Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Island of Als and the Danfoss Universe

The next morning we drove right across the base of Denmark to the island of Als - here was a 'science theme-park called 'Danfoss Universe' that we thought would be fun for the kids -and we were right!

We set off and drove through a small village called Mogeltonder, which has a really cute street of houses and a castle (home of a distant royal) at the end. Queen Margrethe's youngest son Prince Joachim lives in this castle, so you can't pop in to look at the castle and the gardens to this one. However there was fabulous thatched roof houses to admire!

After quite some drive we found Danfoss Universe, which was set up by the founder of an industrial company and his wife, to give kids a fun, hands on experience with science.

We all loved it, and the boys were into everything. Their highlights included being able to operate real diggers,

the mechanical exhbitions, here is Alexander being a hamster.

the water park, the temperature rooms (including an ice slide and a hot room).

Phils favorite was undoubtedly the Segway display, where he got to have a really good go zooming around the course. Of course, guess what he wants for Christmas now...

The boys also had a small turn (the guys were great - the boys were too young to go on the track, but he let them have a turn in the warm-up area).

plenty of great play equipment to play on for many hours!

The boys also loved the fact that they could lift a small car. This exhibit was in the car park and the boys demonstrated their amazing 'strength' by lifting the car before and after our visit to the park.

Being so late in the season, the park was fairly quiet, so we were able to calmly get around and do all of the exhibits, have lunch, and be on the road home by 2pm.

Thereafter, it was just a long drive home. We stopped at the last petrol station inside of Denmark, and used almost all of our remaining Kroners, then hit the highway. We had one pit-stop for a coffee and a break just after Hamburg, otherwise it was straight through to Berlin and home by 7pm.

We loved our trip to Denmark. We had a great time together, we saw lots of interesting stuff and did lots of fun things, and had super weather as well. Staying in youth hostels was a great way to go, and with a copy of the Lonely Planet guide and a huge map, we made the most out of the 6 days we had to get around Denmark.

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