Sunday, 30 November 2008

Berlin Wall Walk Part 2.

From Warschauer Strasse to Köllnische Heide S Bahn.
Here are our eager walkers for the day!
The Oberbaumbrücke was built 1994-96 and included a viaduct for the subway line that was being planned. The first subway line was opened February 1905. This bridge was heavily damaged during the war. When Soviet forces advanced on Berlin ,Hitler ordered the bridge to be destroyed. The bridge was restored in 1995.
On one tower of the bridge is a statue of a Berlin Bear, the other tower has an eagle. Inside the globe which the bear stands on is a message that reads
"Today we hope the bear's strength and the eagle's vision will protect the Oberbaumbrücke from senseless and arbitary destruction by human hand so that ths bridge may long stand as a link between people"
There is always interesting graffiti to look at. These Brazilian Football players have been here since the World Cup in 2006.

Along the Lohmühlenplatz, where the wall once stood, is now a nice wide walkway and a park...This slide was lots of fun (and some of the adults even had a turn too)

Treptow Park is the Soviet Memorial.

It was built in 1949, in honor of 5,000 Soviet soldiers who died in the battle for Berlin. It is Berlin's largest war memorial.
This statue of Nikolai Ivanovitch Masalow is 12 metres tall. He was a Red Army sergeant who saved a 3 year old girl at the Potsdamer Bridge in Tiergarten, in 1945. The statue show him holding the child in his left arm, and detroying the Nazi swastika with his sword with his right hand.
Our weary travellers at the end of our 7km walk!
Our walk next month will start from here, and we will walk to Schöneweide, about 10kms

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