Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Xmas Lunch

opps, too busy with a drink in my hand to take photos! I will have to check with Sonia to see if she took any!

We had a terrific lunch. Sonia organised main course.

Terry the Turkey was cooked perfectly, and the vegies, stuffing and extras were great.

We organised the desserts, pavlova, Nigella Lawson's chocolate pudding nd choclate cake, and lots of gingerbread and choclate balls.

We all ate and drank lots and had a great day together. It's hard being away from family on Xmas day, but we all managed to have fun! Thank goodness the Kareoke machine didn't resurface this year! :)

This is the "supermodel" pose

After lunch we settled on the couches

Alan tries his new scarf

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