Saturday, 15 December 2007

Second last trip of the year

Christmas is fast approaching, and so is the end of my travel schedule for this year. This second last trip for the year (I have to go to Cologne for a few days next week) was really interesting - First stop was Helsinki, where I'm sure I never saw daylight. I arrived late at night, was up early to take a 2 hour train ride to Turku (where our company has a factory) to have a some meetings and a site tour (to watch the robots dance! The technology that goes into production lines is quite amazing!). I transferred back to Helsinki by train, and even though we were rolling through the Finnish countryside, it was all dark.

After some further meetings in Helsinki, I flew to Chicago - my first visit to the home of the Blues Brothers (Nicole, however, sees it as the home of 'ER' and asked if I saw George Clooney anywhere...). I was really impressed. The parts I saw were great, and the Euro is killing the dollar, so I was able to get in an hour's shopping (ended up with new ice skates for the boys!). The meetings were really interesting (do I sound surprised???), but I was really sad to be away for the Christmas concerts and other stuff - for some reason I missed putting them in my diary, and usually this stuff gets put in first. I have some vidoe footage to enjoy (but it is not the same, is it?). At least I convinced Nicole not to decorate the tree without me!

Huge snowstorms shut in the Eastern Seaboard, but luckily, Chicago missed it all and I got out in time - and glad to be home.

I am so looking forward to the Christmas break!

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