Friday, 14 December 2007

Concerts, Concerts and more concerts...

This week has been full on for the kids. Alexander has joined the school choir...opps...sorry it is called the "vocal emsemble". He loves singing, and really enjoys taking part in it.

This week has been really busy. On Sunday afternoon,they sang at St George Church for their Advent Market. They sang their set of songs, hada break for 45 minutes, and sung again.

Tuesday night was the Year 3-6 Christmas production. Alexander sang in that, and Cameron recited some Christmas greetings from different countries and sang lots of songs in the story of Bethlehem. They both really enjoyed themselves.
(A Big thanks to Olga for the photo of Alexander, she has a great camera!!)
Thursday morning the choir was invited to perform at the Indian Embassy for their Christmas Carol day.

Thursday evening was the Year 3-6 Christmas production again. Cameron's class was involved in Tuesday night performance. Thursday was Alexander's class. Alexander read a Christmas poem, performed in the choir, and stepped in to sing a solo for the 1st Wise man, as the original Wise Man could not make it that night. He was really excited to be doing it, as only the Year 6's got the solo parts. As a proud mum I think he did really well...Phil and I have no idea how he managed to pick up a voice that can sing in tune, as neither of us can!

I took lots of video, but no photos. I have no idea how to upload the only photos I can show you are one from the Indian Embassy on Thursday morning on the whole group. (Alexander in front middle) His music teacher Mrs Schultz, playing the keyboard is absolutely fabulous!

The 3 musketeers after their singing!

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