Saturday, 15 December 2007

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Phil's plane was not delayed, and he was home in plenty of time for us to decorate the tree this evening.

The kids have their own decorations, and we all put them up together. I can see some of my "obsessive compulsive organising" is starting to come through with the boys. They wanted to have the tree in sections..Santas in one area, reindeer in another area. At one stage Alexander says "Where is the Penguin section?"

Glad I bought a larger tree this year. Next year I may need to buy a roll of wire to "bonsai" the branches to make them a bit stronger. Or maybe I should just stop buying more Christmas decorations. I am sure the local hardware store will have the wire I need! ;) Perhaps next year, I might need to buy 2 that's a better thought!

The finished tree!

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Alycia said...

Thats too funny - a section for each thing... I have never heard of a penguin section though... tee hee