Friday, 14 December 2007

O Christmas Tree.....

I picked out our tree this morning, and it was delivered in the afternoon.....the delivery service is a bargain. 5 euros, delivery, carried up 3 flights of stairs, and set up in your Christmas tree stand, making sure it is standing straight! Bargain!!!!!!

I promised Phil we would wait for him to get back from Chicago on Saturday afternoon before we decorate it. I may have to get the kids to tie my hands behind my back. We brought all the decorations up from the cellar....lucky I got a bigger tree than last year!

I think we will go out tomorrow to avoid the temptation.....fingers crossed he doesn't get snowed in at Chicago......problems in New York, but the weather hasn't moved across yet. I don't think I could bear looking at this naked tree in our home for the entire weekend.

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