Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Santa visited

Xmas morning is always fun.

The boys didn't wake us up until 7am, so that was a good start to the morning.

Surrounded by all the wrapping paper and tinsel, we all had a great time unwrapping presents

Santa popped in with some toys, ate his cookies and drank his milk. The Reindeers ate their carrots on the terrace...I am thankful they did not come in and leave hoof prints on the carpet, and knock down the tree.

Alexander was thrilled with his presents....and there was more Lego to be built!

Cameron was wrapped with his presents, and he flew this helicopter all morning!

Katherine gave the boys a treat from home.....yum yum!

They both got guitars for Xmas from us. We have found an English speaking teacher, and they will begin lessons in the New Year. Cameron really wants to learn fast, so he can get an electric guitar like his cousin Dylan!

Nicole playing with her umbrella swift and wool winder

Phil always seems to end up with the tinsel on his head!

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