Sunday, 4 April 2010

Vatnajökull Glacier - Siðujökull

On the South East coast of Iceland is the largest icecap outside of the Arctic and Antarctic Circles. It's over 8,3000 square kilometres and in some places it is 1 kilometre thick.

We went off the main road and found a track that took us to an isolated part of the Glacier called Siðujökull.

It was unbelieveably quiet, nothing around except us. The glacier looked quite close to where we were parked. We must have walked at least 2 kilometres, and still the glacier looked as close to us than it did when we were standing at the car.
If you look really closely in the middle of this picture, you can just see our car.

The piles of black stones, gravel and rock was full of small hills, and seemed to go on forever.

We had a great walk, and then decided that we really had no idea how far the glacier was, so we turned back again. This photo below was taken near the car, the photos turned out quite strange, because we were sitting on a ledge, and it was quite steep. You won't even know that from this picture.

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