Thursday, 8 April 2010

Searching for Seals and Trolls

We stayed at a great farmhouse, called Dæli. Our hosts recommended a small waterfall only a few kilomteres away. It was small, but really lovely. We loved the way all the water freezes all around the waterfall, leaving pools of crystal blue pools of water.

We headed up to tour around the Eastern Bay of Húnaflói, in the search of seals. Sadly, it wasn't the right time of the year, and all the seals were out fishing for their next meal.

Nevertheless, the landscape was gorgeous.

We enjoyed getting knee deep in snow....again! (a recurring theme)

In the search for seals we stopped at Hvítserkur. No seals, but we did find this troll. Legend has it that this rock formation was a troll who was trying to destroy the monastery at Þingeyrar. Sadly, the troll got caught in the sunrise and he turned to stone. This view is of his back!

Poor Old Troll!!!!

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