Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Húsavík & Laugar

After our interesting drive through blizzards and mountain ranges ,we got up to the North coast to Húsavík. Our Lonely Planet Guide to Iceland mentioned a museum that the boys thought we would be really interesting.
The Icelandic Phallological Museum
Sadly, it was closed for Winter, and only opens in the Summer months.
The museum displays over two hundred penises and penile parts belonging to almost all the land and sea mammals that can be found in Iceland, and I think there are a few human ones as well (donated after death...phew).
I think Nicole was somewhat relieved that it was closed for Winter. So the boys picked up a new word "Phallus", and have been using the word ever since!

Húsavík is a fishing town, and has a fantastic harbour. You can go on whale watching tours from Húsavík...in the Summer.

Our accomodation was in Laugar, and we were there early because the phallus museum was closed. After putting our bags in the room, we headed to the thermal swimming pools. Laugar is in an active geothermal area, so the swimming pools are heated naturally. It was only 2 degrees outside. There was a lap pool heated at 32 degrees, and 2 dip pools, one heated at 38 degrees, the other at 40 degrees. We loved the 40 degree pool. It was so warm, but our heads were cold! It was fun though.

The farm house we stayed at was lovely, and the scenery was beautiful.

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