Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Egilsstaðir and more snow

Our overnight accomodation was in Egilsstaðir. A very small town, a supermarket and 2 petrol stations and a few shops. It was Easter Monday, and very few stores were open. We asked the lady at the cash register at the supermarket where we could go for dinner. She responded, the petrol station to the left has good food, but bad service, the petrol station at the right has good service, but bad food. So we chose the good food, bad service.
Hot dogs, Pizza and Burgers were our options. It was fine.....for 1 meal! :)

We had a huge dump of snow, and Cameron amused himself in the morning with building a large snowman in the garden.

As Phil went to turn the car around, he missed the edge of the road (you couldn't see where the road ended and the garden bed began). So the car got stuck, and had to be dug out.

Overnight the main road had been closed due to the bad weather, many people were rescued from their cars overnight. The roads didn't reopen until 10am. This was the part of the journey that was about 150 kilometres through uninhabited mountain. Möðrudalur and Grímsstaðir are the only places where you can get petrol and food. Before we headed out, we stopped at the supermarket in Egilsstaðir, and made sure we had food and water...just in case.
The first part of our journey was slow, but then it cleared here and there. The road had been cleared, but we drove slowly. The majority of the way the view from our car window looked like this...

The aim was to get to the Dettifoss Waterfall. We turned off the main road, drove about a kilometre up a road, in thick snow , only to find the road was closed to the Dettifoss Waterfall.

So we turned the car around, missed the edge of the road again, and the car needed to be dug out once more! Opps!

Back on the main road, we drove and saw this car near the road sign almost completely covered. The night before 3 people were reported missing, and had still not be found. We stopped the car and Phil walked over to the car to just check. The snow was so deep it came right up to his thighs. Thankfully there was no one in the car, so we kept driving.

Signs for reindeer, but obviously they were keeping warm somewhere else, hopefully!

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