Sunday, 4 April 2010


After the Iceberg lagoon we headed to our accomodation for the evening at Smyrlabjörg.
After dropping off our bags at our room, we headed 2 kilometres north to a dirt winding steep track. At the top was a frozen lake that was beautiful.

We went for a walk and the kids enjoyed throwing rocks to try and break through the ice.
We threw large blocks of ice onto the frozen lake and watching them shatter like glass.

The kids loved breaking off icicles.

The kids even did a bit of sliding on the ice.

After slowing edging down the winding steep track we headed across the road to play along the river.

Time to throw more rocks and ice into the river, and even a bit of dancing on the ice as well!

This break in the ice reminded us of the mouth of some kind of creature from Doctor Who.

Then it was back to our farm house. This car was parked at the farm house. Cameron thought he should own this car.

Easter Sunday, no restaurants were open. Our fantastic host (who also was an amazing knitter), cooked us a fantastic meal of creamy soup, then lamb, potatoes and vegetables. It was delicious! This was the view from our farm house!

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