Monday, 5 April 2010

East Coast Fjörðurs

After 2 beautiful days of clear blue skies, the weather turned on us, and was very grey, windy and the rain fell.
Today we drove through the Fjords on the East coast of Iceland. They were difficult to see at times as the mist was low and you couldn't see the tops of the mountains or the glaciers from Vatnajökull.

There were lots of waves on the North Atlantic Sea, and the wind blew quite fiercely through the fjords. We didn't take too many photos, and we didn't get out of the car too often, just enough for the kids to run around and "shake their sillies out"
Naturally, there were icicles to break off...
Rocks to jump on...

On the way, we even saw some wild reindeer.

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Pennie and David said...

WOW! What a lovely time I've just had looking through your trip to Iceland. I don't know if I will ever go there but I've been really interested in the place since I was a driver for the Icelandic Olympic Team during the Sydney Olympics. All the Icelandics I met in the Village were just delightful with perfect English... not many of the athletes still lived in Iceland, most of them lived in either Germany or the USA.
I did have one exciting incident with the Athletics Coach who I picked up from their training camp in Wollongong. As I took him through the Security at the Olympic Village he was stopped because he had a big gun in his luggage... alarms went off and two 'Men in Suits' arrived immediately and gave him the 3rd Degree... it was funny because he became quite scared and although he had prefect English with me he lost it in front of them so I had to help him (in effect 'translate') understand that he couldn't carry a gun around in Australia and it was now confiscated! He was upset but had no choice. He said the gun had been turned into a starting pistol but the 'Men in Suits' told me it was still able to shoot bullets.
How did he get it into Australia in the first place we wondered.

Aaaahhhh memories :-)