Saturday, 4 October 2008

Pumpkin Festival

if you do not like Pumpkins....look away now!!!
Buschmann & Winkelmann is a running farm where you can buy local produce.

Each year they have different types of festivals. Currently it is the Pumpkin Festival!

WOW, we didn't know so many different types of pumpkins existed...

A wall of pumpkins, all different, from all parts of the world.
ohh...look what we found on the wall....

A rainbow of pumpkins

A fountain surrounded by pumpkins

Pumpkins for carving for Halloween.

This years theme for the Pumpkin Festival was "Noah's Ark"
there was a pair of Kangaroos...
Can you see the Joey???
2 Camels...
2 Elephants...

2 Giraffes...
2 penguins and 2 goats...
Noah and his ark (this was an impressive structure). We wondered if it was built just for the festival. Our friend Karen says "No, last year was a "Wild West" theme, and the boat was the Santa Maria"
The male horse...anatomically correct
A wedding cake of pumpkins
guess what I had for lunch??? That had to be obvious!
Apart from pumpkins, there were lots of things for the kids to do.

A giant jumping pillow....a small petting zoo of farm animals, and a great playground.

Here is Alexander on the jumping pillow...
A cool basket swing, hold on tight!
A view of the jumping pillow to show how big it was
The goat managed to jump into the feeder for the best pick of the hay.

The 3 boys.
These Halloween Pumpkins were heavy!
All of us

and we bought a pumpkin to take home....pumpkin soup tomorrow night for dinner!

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kylie s said...

How fantastic are those displays.