Saturday, 11 October 2008

A Hungry Sparrow

Sitting in a cafe in Kreuzberg today, and Cameron thought it was hilarious that this little sparrow jumped up onto the man's table and started to eat his blueberry muffin.
The photos are a bit blurry, because Cameron used the zoom in lens as far as he could, so he wouldn't disturb the bird

The man had finished his muffin and was happy to let this sparrow eat what was left. I hope that this little sparrow doesn't think he will be able to do this with every customer....he could be in for a very rude shock!

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure why I am writing you as I don't even know you but happened to run across your comment for Georgina and saw you are living in Berlin. I am originally from Germany and love has brougnt me to the USA. I love your beautiful pictures. Was this at the Kreuzberg Monastary in Bavaria near Fulda? That is where I am from and I booked a flight for next month to visit Oma there. Best of luck to you and glad you are enjoying Germany.
Tanja from Missouri