Friday, 31 October 2008

Hirtshals and Skagen

The morning dawned to much nicer weather, and although cold and windy, there was no sign of rain.

Breakfast was set for 8:30, so we had time before this to get out onto the beach for a nice walk.

The boys love being on the beach - running about, fossicking for shells, getting their shoes wet in the edge of the surf. It was great. The coastline is littered with lighthouses and old WW2 concrete bunkers. There were several here, and also later in the day when we were near Skagen.

Following breakfast (and the kids had a great play on the swings) we set off for the most northerly point in Denmark. Just North of Skagen, Grenen is a beach with a nice long arm of sand that is the tip of Denmark, and the meeting point of the Kattegat and Skagerrak seas.

They really crash together, and it looks as if the tidal currents would be really nasty if you ventured in.

There are lots of Bunkers along this stretch of coast as well,

and we were lucky enough to see a small pack of seals resting on the remants of an old bunker just offshore.

Here we are at the Northern Tip of Denmark!

lots of shells

and jellyfish, and sea urchin shells

After having morning tea in Skagen, we set off on a drive through the magnificent Fjord country to our hostel accommodation in Ringkobing. With the long sweeping roads beside the Fjords, it really was beautiful country. The expanses of water are massive. There didn't seem to be too many boats out on there, but I could picture Steve on the Taipan having a great time out there.

He got held up at one bridge, while waiting for a large boat to cross the Fjordes.

We had afternoon tea in a small town called Lemvig - and it was then that we remembered that it was Halloween! (The pumpkins with the candles in them was a bit of a give-away!) There was a jumping castle set up in the little town square, but the boys were on and off it in a flash - after they realised it was wet!

Our hostel for the evening was in a small town on a Fjord called Ringkobing. The Hostel is part of a leisure centre/sports complex - and they were having a kids halloween disco (plenty of doof-doof music!). They also had a bowling alley, which was free for hostel guests! Phil, Alexander and Cameron bowled 2 games and had a great time. Cameron was very interested in all of the animations on the bowling screen, and Alexander really got the idea of 'chucking them down' and scored a 99 (would have been over 100 if he didnt foul one of his bowls by sliding deep into the lane!). Lots of fun for all the boys (big and little!)

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