Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Off to Denmark - via the Ferry from Rostock to Gesder

Phil got back from San Fransisco on Monday afternoon, and we got up early to drive up to Rostock to catch the 9am ferry. Over a 2 hour drive to Rostock, and needing to check in by 8.30am, meant a very early start...especially with jet lag too!

It was a really easy drive, and we arrived with just enough time to check in and to put the car in the front of the queue (we paid for this privelege with a priority boarding ticket!)

The ferry arrived and opened- cars and trucks drove out (which the boys thought was really interesting!) Then it was our turn to drive in, park the car and move up to the passenger decks

Here come the trucks from the bowels of the ferry.

The trip across the Baltic sea was great, in the middle it was a bit rolly (no one got sea-sick, which was a good thing). It was cold and wet on the deck, but Phil and the boys had a great time exploring the decks.
The boys on the deck

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