Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Meeting Axe Murderers

This week I met Andrea...someone I have never met before, however we are on the same Aussie quilting internet group. She is an Aussie living in Cologne. Andrea and her lovely family came up to Berlin for a visit, and we got to meet up finally.

2 visits later, we are going to have to go down to Cologne for a visit...preferably while the Xmas markets are on...sounds like a plan!

Andrea introduce me to her friend My-Linh,(she has only been in Berlin for a few months), and lives a bus ride from our place. My-Linh has a friend that lives around the corner from me ....we will meet for coffee often I think!!! :)


Bizarre Quilter said...

Hey! I know her!! VBG! That is so lovely.. I don't know the Lock's ... yet.... I can always ask around!!! LOL!!
Thanks for normalising my stash of quilts. :)

Made by Andrea said...

We had a wonderful time! I can see a lot more joint quilting time and Xmas decoration habits becoming a big thing to do together. Hugs, Andrea