Tuesday, 31 October 2006


Our first venture into Discoveryland was accidental, and fortunate. We were speaking to a couple who had some fast-passes (pre-arranged entry tickets that you have to queue up for with specific return times that allow you to skip most of the queue- often saving 45 mins of waiting) to the 'Buzz Lightyear' ride, and they were heading back to their hotel. The time was going to be just after we had dinner (at the same buffet dinner place), and we gratefully accepted them without knowing what this ride was. But more about Buzz Lightyear in another post...

Part of the hotel deal, was to get vouchers to have breakfast in the Park before it opened. We assumed we would get to meet some of the characters....but we were wrong (must be that German to English translation again!)

Anyway, it was a reasonable breakfast in the Bella Notte Pizzaria, croissants and cereal,(not pizza for breakfast). This restaurant is the one from the Lady and the Tramp. Just around the corner from the restaurant was Discovery Land, so we were able to have our first ride of the day on the Buzz Lightyear ride without waiting too long!

Phil trekked off to Space Mountain (minimum height was 132cm) . So the boys and I went to the Orbitron....kind of like the Dumbo the Elephant ride, but in rocket ships. The boys could control going up and down. Cameron likes to go up high, and then drop down quickly...great for mums! :)

The boys in their rocketships.

Next stop was "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" a 3-D movie, which was quite good. Alexander didn't like it very much though.

Then off to Star Wars, a virtual flight simulator, where we were in our own spaceship to Endor. Cameron didn't look to keen throughout the ride, but told us after that he did enjoy it (He looked quite scared during the ride.)

Ready for the 3-D movie.

Then it was off for more Buzz rides, and Big Thunder rides.

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