Sunday, 29 October 2006


The first place to visit in Disneyland with kids of 6 and 7 is Fantasyland. Here, all of the Disney classics are represented: Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Snow White.... It is also where the rides are not so 'thrilling' and therefore a good place to start.

There were big crowds, and we had to endure long queues (45-60 minutes), but that is Disneyland! The boys were great - really patient and no hassles during these times.

The older rides, such as Pinocchio and Snow White seemed quite confused in their stories, and they were really a bit baffling. Peter Pan was great- everyone's favourite so far- but with the biggest queues.

We did the Alice in Wonderland maze (good fun), 'It's a small world' (someone's idea of torture to have Munchkins singing the same thing over and over whilst you are stuck in a boat) and Nicole and the boys did the Tea Cups- I am not a big fan of rides that just go around and around. We also did the 'Dumbo the flying elephant' ride, which the boys also liked.

We had dinner in the park at a buffet-style restaurant- very good quality but Disney prices- and continued our experience until about 8.00. After this, we walked back to the hotel (about 1.5km), checked in, and collapsed into bed!

The boys on the Dumbo the Elephant ride.

In the Alice in Wonderland Labyrinth.

In front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

The spinning tea cups.

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Mel in Dubai said...

Hee, hee, we did the It's A Small World ride in Disneyland at Anaheim, CA while we there during the summer hols this year. I still don't think DH and DS have quite forgiven me for subjecting them to that torture - lol!