Thursday, 19 October 2006

Back to 'Normal'??

Following our great holiday in Australia, and plenty of visitors, we are now settling back to 'normal'. This is also happening on the work front. Since returning from Australia I have travelled to:
Bad Saarow (outside Berlin)
Romania: A quick trip with no time for anything but work. A brief late-night visit to the Casino was enough to give me nicotine poisoning (I had the shakes and couldn't sleep) and to drive a smoking colleague from Germany into giving up!
Serbia: A really good trip, with a late afternoon dash to the local golf course. We played until we could see no more (but the sounds of our balls crashing into the trees in the rough carried all too well!). We only managed to get 7 holes completed, but I shot 40 for these, and hit 8 trees as well! Too bad we didn't finish at a decent time so we could at least get nine holes in, but thats the way it goes...
Turkey: Fast and furious! 2 x 11hour days with dinner after, and a final day of 8 hours before rushing to the plane (if driving in Istanbul traffic can ever be considered rushing!) However, there is so much to do I think I will need to go back in January for a week.... Terrible weather - Rain, wind and cold. Great food - kebabs on the first night and seafood by the Bosporous on the second!

And in the coming weeks:
Malaysia and Vietnam
Finland (??)

So, its back to normal - or rather, back to absolute madness.......

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