Monday, 30 October 2006


Day 2 and we decided to start with the Steam Train ride around the park. We were hoping to do 1 1/4 laps and end up in Frontierland, but we were kicked off after 1 lap and had to walk from Main St.

Frontierland-It's the wild west! Our second morning was sunny and not too cold. No jackets in sight! First stop was the haunted house, "Phantom Manor", then the Thunder Mesa Paddle Wheel River Boat, and then onto Big Thunder Railway- the runaway mine train roller coaster.

We had another Disney wait (about 1 hour), before we got our turn.

This was Cameron's first ever roller coaster ride (he didn't want to ride them at Legoland earlier in the year) and he sat with me whilst Alexander and Nicole sat behind us. I had to make encouraging and excited sounds the whole way around and keep a close eye on Cameron to ensure he was OK. No problems, but no desire to ride it again!

We then went and saw a stage show with Goofy cooking some Halloween 'pumpkin soup' which the boys really enjoyed.

In front of Big Thunder

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