Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Gallery Hopping

Since the boys have gone back to school, I have decided to visit an art gallery every second Wednesday.
So here are the galleries I have been to in the past 6 weeks. I let the mums from school know that I am going, and anyone is welcome to join me.

Rembrandt:- Quest of a Genius
I went to this one with Ann from school. The audio guide for this exhibition was brilliant!

East German Museum
The GDR ceased to exist 17 years ago.This museum shows how everyday life in the GDR was like.
It is an interactive museum, and was really interesting. Cotton was not widely available behind the wall, so most clothes were made using polyester.....the clothes had an awful feel to them...I hate to think what it would be like to wear them every day.
I went to this museum with Sonia, Michelle, Jacqui and Wendy, it was a great insight to what life was like behind the wall. Note....lots of nude swimming in Summer!

Art Forum
The 11th ART FORUM BERLIN - showing contemporary art, fresh, energetic, full of quality - the bestartists and their galleries from Berlin, Germany, Europe, the USA,Latin America, Asia and Australia.Art of today for the collections of tomorrow- Berlin, the talentfactory and workshop of art, where trends are set and new stars aremade. Exceptional stand concepts and the compact field in a parcoursfrom A - Z the trademarks of ART FORUM BERLIN allow good noses fullbent.

Museum Berggruen Picasso – The Draftsman
The Museum Berggruen is celebrating its tenth birthday with an exhibition of Pablo Picasso's drawings. Since the opening of the museum in 1996, this artist - who has shaped the visual concepts of the 20th century like no other - is the central focus of the presentation "Picasso and his Time" which 1.5 million visitors have already seen.

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Anne L said...

Ooooh you lucky duck, to be able to go and see fine art. You certainly are making the most of your expat life. Keep it up. Happy Stitchin