Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Rollercoaster night with Alexander

After dinner, Alexander and I headed back to the park, whilst Nicole and Cameron went back to the hotel. (this is when Cameron entered the Disney competitions and got 2nd place, see first entry for Disneyland).

It was a cold night, but with proper jackets on we were warm enough. The queues of the day had dramatically reduced in the evening. I asked Alexander "Where to?.." and the immediate answer was "Big Thunder Railway!!" - his favourite rollercoaster in the park (Although I think it ties with the Buzz Lightyear ride as the best ride of all).

The first time through the queue was about 35 minutes (the longest of the night, whereas in the daytime it is more like 60-90 minutes). All the way, we chatted about all of the stuff on display. Alexander had a million questions about everything "What's a firearm? What's an assay? What would this thing do?.....". But it was great fun relaxing and spending a bit of time together.

On the first ride, we sat up the front. Because it was night, the ride was lit and it was really interesting all of the different things you see on it at night. Half way through the ride, Alexander starts singing the "I'm just a singin' goat.. and "Be prepared" songs from the animated movie "Hoodwinked".. where the characters race in mine cars through a tunnel like this. He had a great time.

On the second ride, he was busy being 'tour guide' to a small boy who sat behind us and was a little frightened.. "This is the biggest hill"... "The photo is taken up here".. "Don't worry, those rocks don't really fall". All very comforting, but I think the little fella only spoke French!

On the third ride, I hear a "woo hoo" and when I look over, and see Alexander riding with his hands in the air! He must have seen some bigger kids doing it. He was having a great time!

For a break, we then went and did the haunted house again before heading back for our 4th and last ride on Big Thunder. With almost no queue, we asked to sit at the back, and Alexander thought this was the best place of all to ride the rollercoaster. By the end of our stay in Disneyland, Alexander had ridden Big Thunder Mountain 9 times...

We walked back to the hotel, and met up with Nicole and Cameron in the foyer. They had not made it up to the room (and we had left them over two hours earlier!)

It was a really fun night. I had a great time sharing Alexander's excitement and fun, and by the end I know every inch of Big Thunder Mountain!

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