Monday, 20 November 2006

The boy's view of our trip

This is Cameron's drawing of Santa.

Because the boys were out of school, they had to write a few sentences about their trip. Here is what the boys wrote:


I went snowmobiling and saw lots of reindeers. I went reindeer riding and made it run. I saw Santa and said that I'd like lots of Lego. I threw snowballs at Dad and I laughed. I went sledding with Alexander.

Alexander's picture of visiting Santa


I went on Blue1 to Rovaneimi - Berlin to Helsinki to Rovaneimi. I went to hotel Rantasipi. I went on the bus to Santa Claus Village. I looked in the shopping house (with all the shops). I went and told Santa my wish and had a photo with him. I went to check if the reindeer ride was on. I went to the skimobiling place and got my license. I went on a snow mobile safari. I went back to the hotel and slept. I did some shopping. I went on a reindeer ride. I slept at the hotel.
I went to the airport and did the things you usually do. I got on Blue1. I got to Berlin. I went home.

An interesting summary of our trip!

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Shelleen said...

love your stories and pics. Wish my kids were still little.