Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Big boys toys..

There were several rollercoasters that the boys were not tall enough to ride, so I headed off to tackle them alone. My favourite is the 'Rockin' Rollercoaster' in Disney studios, with a super accelerated start from standing and then a great loop and spiral rollercoaster. Exhilarating!

In Disney park, there is a new Indiana Jones Rollercoaster which is also really fun. And then there is the Space Mountain (Mission 2) which I thought was really rough and not very enjoyable.

I thought I was over rollercoasters after riding a thing called the "Bush Beast" in Sydney (forward and reverse through a spiral) with the third worst hangover of my life. However, with a clear head, I had an absolute ball riding the rollercoasters!

When the boys are bigger, I can see that we have a few interesting theme parks to visit around the world...

Here is a small tip for roller coaster riders that have small families: Take all of the Disney tickets, and get fastpasses for the whole family. Although they will not ride, you can then have 4 shots at riding the rollercoaster in 1/2 hour, which is possible using the fastpass entries (smaller queues!). If you just showed up, you would wait longer than this, anyway!

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