Friday, 17 November 2006

We saw the real Santa in the Arctic Circle

We took the kids out of school on Thursday and Friday and got on a plane to Finland, Lapland.
Our main aim was to see Santa in his office before Christmas this year. This weekend was the only weekend free that we could make it fit in with Phil's busy work schedule.

Santa's Office

Us with Santa

Cameron and Alexander with Santa

More photos and other stuff soon...but before we went to bed, we wanted to post these photos up.

It was terrific. We got to speak to Santa for about 10 minutes, and got these great photos afterwards.


catsmum said...

what wonderful memories your boys are going to have of this time in their lives. They are just the perfect ages for this whole experience... not too young to enjoy it and remember it, not so old [ ie teenager ] that they are whiney, bored and blase.
and those of us stuck back in Oz get to enjoy it vicariously

kxtrah said...

The photos look great, I wish I could see the Real Santa. Look froward to see the rest of the photos,

~Kim~ said...

Oh wow.. I hope that you use that picture with Santa as your Christmas card! That is so priceless! Love the picture!


Shelleen said...

what great pics and memories that you will all have.