Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Werfenweng Mountain

Click on this blog entry title for a link to the webcam at the top of the mountain. Hopefully for the Aussies you do this in the evening, otherwise, the mountain will be covered in darkness! It was beautiful up in the mountains. The snow looked great on the slopes., and apart from the swishing of skis, it was so quiet. Above is a photo taken from the 8 cable car going up the top of the mountain (1834 metres above sea level)
One of the slopes under the 4 seater chairlift.
Each day our lessons began at 10am, we stopped for an hour for lunch and then skiing until 3pm. It was a strange family holiday. The boys were in Kids Ski Club, Phil in an intermediate group, and me in beginners. So we didn't see each other for most of the day (some people would say this was an ideal holiday). We all dined in different restaurants or cafes, depending on which restaurant was closest to the slop we were skiing on closest to lunchtime! By 3pm we were pretty exhausted and it was back to the hotel to relax, and get those ski boots off our feet!
A view from the beginners slope

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