Friday, 24 February 2006

Friday, free skiing with the kids

Thursday was our last day of lessons. Friday was a day we could ski on the beginner slopes with the kids and see what they had learnt. WOW, we were impressed with the boys. They managed the ski lifts all by themselves, and skiied down the slopes really well. Nicole was having trouble keeping up with them. Cameron, our daredevil, liked to go off the slope onto the rough stuff, and then actually jump back onto the slope and continue! Both boys did a slalom course....Cameron decided to go through the flags instead of around them...and fell down really well on the last flag, when he just clipped it with his ski!

After an hour and a half of skiing on the beginner slope, we packed up our skis and headed up the chairlift to the top of the mountain.. The boys were dying to get up there all week, and wanted to ski down with Dad, but they were not really ready. We went up, had a look around, had some yummy hot chocolates in the cafe at the top of the mountain and then came back down again (by chairlift!).

Phil and the boys then spent the rest of the morning and the afternoon skiing on the second level slope - lots of fun and the boys looked fantastic in matching suits. Phil had them taking it in turns playing 'follow the leader' so they would at least stick together on the slope. Phil would watch them from the top until they got half way down, and would then catch up to them and ski with them to the bottom.

The boys found a secret 'bush track' which went through the trees - it was only suitable if you are under 1 metre tall (not Phil) - he followed the boys in there once, and after ending up tangled up in his skis and branches on his backside, decided that he would thereafter ski around this little 'track' the boys had discovered.

The boys all skied until well into the afternoon, when they stopped we went for a drink with Cookie. This was great, and time flew so fast that by the time we had returned our skis and boots to the hire shop, we had missed the last shuttle bus and had to walk 1.5km back to our hotel! At least it was down hill!

This was a super day, skiing with the boys and enjoying their excitement and enthusiasm for skiing. After them being in ski school all week, it was amazing to see how good (and fast!) they were. Phil can't wait until they get a bit older and they can all ski together up on the harder runs.

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